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Megapolis Convention Center

With a capacity for 4,000 people, a variety of conference rooms and state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, the Megapolis Convention Center is one of the largest and most modern convention centers in Central America.

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Panama and its Place in the World

500 years ago, explorer Vasco Nuñez de Balboa discovered the Pacific Ocean from Panama, changing the geopolitical and commercial history of the world forever.

Since then, Panama has continued to fascinate and has strengthened its appeal as a hub for trade and tourism.

Visiting the historic monuments and the canal’s locks, you can admire an epic saga of 5 centuries without leaving the capital city.

But Panama is much more than picturesque sites. We are a country of contrasts and unique sensory experiences. In a few hours, you can cross deserts and valleys. Immerse yourself in virgin forests and seas of intense colors. In the evenings, you can taste flavors from different latitudes and dance to all kinds of music. Simply put, you can live to the fullest.

And if you add to this an effervescent economy, consistent urban development, large shopping centers and state-of-the-art medical services, you can understand why Panama City is a magnetic tourist destination. Our strategic location, logistical infrastructure, varied tourism offerings and connectivity, both by air and sea, make Panama the ideal destination for meetings, trade shows and conventions in the region.

At Megapolis Convention Center, we are ready and waiting for you to organize your next event in Panama with us.

A Unique Concept

There is no other like the Megapolis Convention Center in Panama, Central America or the Caribbean.

It was conceived by Megapolis Investment Group to be part of a unique complex in its category that integrates 2 impressive hotels, a casino, restaurants, a shopping mall and also a convention center to facilitate unsurpassed experiences.

With all these attributes, our convention center manages to integrate a whole range of unparalleled options for your event attendees. They can go shopping, delight in exquisite restaurants and stay in the chicest hotels in Panama. All without leaving the complex.

But if they would like to tour the city, the Megapolis Convention Center is in the commercial heart of Panama. It has easy access to the main tourist attractions and entertainment areas of this vibrant destination.

More than a mega convention center, the Megapolis Convention Center is an ally in the success of your event.

Great Versatility

Whether you want to organize an important press conference, an international conference, or a large concert, the Megapolis Convention Center offers a functional, practical and convenient setting.

Our Megapolis Hall has an area of 3,600 m2 for trade shows, conferences, weddings and concerts with a capacity of 4,000 people.

But, the most impressive feature of the Megapolis Hall is that it has a multifunctional infrastructure, with multiple entrances, movable walls and interchangeable furniture, which allows it to be divided into 9 versatile rooms for large or small corporate and social events.

Each room is flexible and you can choose different sizes and configurations, according to the setup you want. Furthermore, all our spaces are soundproof in case there are simultaneous events, and we have fully equipped dressing rooms for the comfort of speakers and artists.

Gran versatilidad  centro de convenciones, Decapolis, Balboa, Blvd. El Hayek

Space and Creativity

Let your imagination soar! Literally! Our ceiling is 10 meters high, providing room for high-impact decorations and presentations. Just imagine the incredible decorations and acrobats hanging from the top.

You can also bring in cars through access ramps or even land helicopters on our heliports. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

If you require outstanding culinary creativity, in Megapolis Convention Center we have our own expertly appointed kitchen. We can prepare banquets with the highest standards for any event and snacks or appetizers for receptions, cocktails and coffee breaks.

Technology and Interconnectivity

At Megapolis Convention Center, we know that communications are vital for the success of your event. To ensure this, we provide a wireless network in all of our installations, simultaneous interpretation facilities, and the latest HD technology in audio and video equipment capable of creating impressive effects.

In addition, we provide sophisticated technical support for interconnectivity between the different areas, including our magnificent foyer. Thus, the Megapolis Convention Center allows you to simultaneously transmit one or more videos to the monitors located in each section. This is ideal for covering commercial displays, social events, shows and corporate events.

Mapa interactivo salas en centro de convenciones, Decapolis, Balboa, Blvd. El Hayek
Mapa interactivo salas en centro de convenciones, Decapolis, Balboa, Blvd. El Hayek
In summary
  • Capacity for 4,000 people
  • 9 conference rooms that can be joined together
  • 4 VIP rooms with movable walls
  • Press rooms
  • Dressing rooms
  • Cafe & Bar
  • Grab & Go
  • 800 parking places
  • Audio and video systems
  • Simultaneous translation booths
  • Wireless Internet

Shared and Work Areas

Together with our spectacular infrastructure and high standards in equipment, we offer an additional 2,000 m2 of shared areas that include the foyer, a bar, meeting rooms and press rooms.

We also have available 4 rooms ideal for executive board meetings, work sessions or presentations. Each of these rooms can be adapted to your needs and provide the wireless connections required by today’s business world.


For your peace of mind and of participants in all events, our facilities are equipped with closed circuit television, sensors and the latest equipment that meet the highest international
security standards.

Many Facilities

As part of the Megapolis Investment Group, the Megapolis Convention Center includes the Hard Rock Hotel Panama Megapolis and the Decapolis Hotel, an extensive shopping mall and a magnificent casino which together comprise an enormous hotel/tourist complex with 1,700 rooms in installations that combine avant-garde design, comfort and excellent service. When registered in one of our hotels, your participants will simply cross a glassed-in bridge that leads directly to the convention center.

In addition, our group is also able to provide the support of our travel agency, Megapolis Explorer, where we will help you develop your travel and tour needs so that the participants in your events can fully enjoy Panama.

Muchas facilidades centro de convenciones, Decapolis, Balboa, Blvd. El Hayek

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