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The best surfing beaches in Panama


We recently told you all about Santa Catalina, an incredible surfing beach located a few hours from Panama City. We told you about the type of waves, the surf camps that you will find there, and some other beaches and islands located around that happen to be excellent alternatives if you are looking for something different.

Even so, you should know that Panama has many more perfect beaches for surfing, and today we are going to tell you more about some of them. If your thing is to immerse yourself in salty waters, and you enjoy the adrenaline rush of feeling like the king of the world, you will surely find your next vacation destination in one of our recommendations.

El Palmar

Located in San Carlos, one hour from Panama City, you will find El Palmar, a surfing hot spot where you will make a lot of friends with similar interests, just as excited about the waves as you are.

Venao Beach

This is one of the most famous surf destinations in Panama, with warm waters from April to November, but cold currents between January and December. With hotels and restaurants all around, this beach is located on the Azuero Peninsula, known for hosting most of the international competitions that have been held in Panama.


Also located on the Azuero Peninsula, Cambutal is just about an hour from Venao Beach and is a paradise with consistent waves that can reach up to twenty feet in height. It has colorful and abundant vegetation around, which makes it an ideal place to take pictures and document your trip.


Some people surf at Malena, a beach located in the province of Veraguas, a four-hour drive from Panama City. This place has often been the scene of high-caliber surfing competitions, both on a national and international level; one of them is the National Surfing Circuit.

Long Island

On the Atlantic Ocean and just three hours by boat from Panama City, Long Island is a small natural paradise defined by clear waters, colorful coral reefs, and excellent waves that are up to eight feet high.


Located in Bocas del Toro, Bluff beach has beautiful natural landscapes and is the ideal place for those who are just learning or prefer to dedicate themselves to bodyboarding. It is an isolated beach surrounded by abundant trees, with beautiful panoramic views, and waves that have made it very popular among surfers.


Also located in Bocas del Toro, in the northeast of Panama, Carenero is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, without a doubt. With waves that can reach up to ten feet high and its own coral reef, it is a place that you cannot miss.

Chame Banks

If you find yourself staying in Panama City, this is the perfect destination. It is located in Punta Chame and has waves up to eight feet high, although there are almost no trees around it, so if you decide to spend the day there, we recommend carrying a beach umbrella and putting on some sunscreen.

Morro Negrito

Here you will find the perfect accommodation within the several surf camps that provide the right equipment and classes, so you can start riding the waves like an expert. Located on an island in the Chiriquí Province, it is a small private oasis.

So, do you know where you are going to spend your next vacation now?


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